Rich Core Values

Respect and concern: We will always exhibit respect and concern for colleagues, customers and partners in all our interactions

Teamwork: We will synergize our capabilities and recognize that superlative performance is always the result of teamwork, We are slowly nurturing our team workers and developing powerful strategic partnerships, which will place us in the forefront of the Serviced apartment sector.

Fun: We will create an exciting, fun filled environment encouraging our colleagues to successfully pursue both personal and organizational goalsFun, joy and zing: We believe that a happy employee leads to a delighted guest.

Success: Our entrepreneurial spirit and endeavor to continuously improve our business systems can describe our success. Creating win-win-win for Customers, Stakeholders and our Team.

Innovation: We will always seek ways to add value to our business to deliver better solutions to customers at lower costs

Integrity: We are fair and reasonable in all our actions and dealings with business partners, customers and colleagues.
Our people are our strength. We build people to build for people. We learn and grow continuously, embracing diversity and teamwork, which is demonstrated by the behavior of our people. It is people serving people.

Community: Valuing employees, partners and communities: We believe in nurturing and developing internal and external partnerships, balancing the growth of the core business while preserving natural resources and contributing to society.

Intrepreneurship: We strive to take ownership of the tasks we perform and to create an environment that encourages and supports initiative and appropriate risk-taking.

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We could partner in several different ways -

As a part of our expansion plans, we are looking for apartment owners who can become our franchisees. If you have a property or a chain of properties that you want to affiliate with The Executive Home Mumbai Stay.

Offer Your Residential Property As A Serviced Apartment in Mumbai and other cities, and Earn higher Returns.

Property Owners

Partnership program for Property Owner

Are you looking to maximise returns from your residential property? Join hands with Executive Homes and find the best use for your vacant property.

Are you a property owner having a vacant residential property?

For property owners in India we can help you turn your property into a lucrative serviced apartment. Please contact us for an attractive proposal of our property management services where you can safely place your property into the hands of our apartment experts.

We could partner in several different ways -

* You can lease the property on a fixed rent basis and earn Fixed Rental Returns.

* A franchise can be signed wherein we will be setting the property for you and train your staff or manage it competently and professionally.

* We will manage and market the property for you to our client portfolio and through our network partners, thereby generating high revenue for yourself.

Our management and employees will adhere to our standards and make sure your property is well looked after, ensuring a regular clientele that generates high ROI for you.

you can expect handsome returns by associating with us!

As part of the Executive Homes, hospitality stable, we bring our experience to bear and market your property through our promotional channels, thereby bringing several remunerative opportunities to you.

If you are Intrested then , just fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you or please Write to us on partner@mumbaistay.com.

In today's extremely competitive market scenario, all hotels are struggling to continuously stay ahead of the competition. It needs no substantiation that chain hotels by virtue of the immense synergies, distribution network, central reservation systems, pan-India sales and marketing infrastructure, support and a deeper knowledge pool have a tremendous edge over stand-alone hotels. This is what Fortune Hotels provides, besides the pride of being part of India's premier hospitality chain.

Our phenomenal growth rate in the past few years is a testimony to our claims of being leaders in the category of branded first-class, full service business hotels. Contrary to the Western countries, where 85% of all mid-priced hotels are affiliated to a chain, only 15% are affiliated in India. This scenario is changing rapidly in keeping with the international trends and is fueling the growth of the Industry at a pace never seen before.